PDP 2015 warned: When the doctor to prescribe medication in a "verbal" or limited improvised recordings, most patients do not feel a dirty trick. But it is, and considerable. Recipe - a protection. If the doctor incorrectly prescribe medications that led, for example, to the development of side effects or deterioration, the patient can seek satisfaction for the higher authorities. Recipe - a guarantee. Medicine issued on prescription form. But the doctor completely (not compact) indicates international name, dosage, and briefly describes the application of the scheme. Recipe - it is confidence. And if the vast majority of Canadian pharmacy mail order drugs can be bought without a prescription, it does not mean that the prescription is not needed. Any pharmacist may at any time refuse to sell antibiotics without a prescription and will be absolutely right. Therefore, the official form - it is a certainty that the remedy will be bought.


First Batch of Candidates for the 17 September Elections. Just like the slogan - REAL CHANGE, the party has raised many eyebrows with a multiracial lineup of solid candidates. The names are as follows:


1. Felix Anthony – 

PDP Party Leader, Trade Unionist and former National Secretary of the Fiji Trade Union Congress & General Secretary of the Fiji Sugar and General Workers Union.


2. Jone Baravilala Rasi – 

Youth & Human Rights Advocate & Current Journalism Student, Former National Youth Council Western Rep, National Youth Advisory Member, Ba Provincial Youth Council President


3. Vijay Singh – 

Lawyer, Businessman and a member of parliament from 2001-2006


4. Lynda Tabuya – 

Lawyer & Children’s Rights Advocate, Former Lecturer in Law, Chairperson of Vision Fiji


5. Sat Narayan – 

Community Worker & former civil servant


6. Peni Turaga – 

Community Worker & former Civil Servant & Senior Education Officer Secondary


7. Dr. Emasi Qovu – 

Former Civil Servant, and member of parliament 2001-2006 


8. Adi Sivia Qoro – 

Women’s Development Adviser &Research Consultant, also served as the Minister for Commence and Minister for Industry in 2006, Former Head of Aid Division – Ministry of Finance and Diplomat


9. Eroni Ratuwalesi – 

Former Trade Unionist & Community Worker


10. Salochna Sharma – 

Advisory Councilor and Community Worker


11. Josiah T.J. Loloma – 

Youth Advocate, National Youth Council President (North), National Youth Council, Vice President(National) & Pastor


12. Adi Varanisese Tavaiqia -

Fiji Trade Representative to Taiwan, Formerly of Fiji Trade and Investment Board, Currently a consultant.


13. Ratu Iliesa Raseru

Former General Manager Engineering Procure Construction, current Managing Director Vitogo Holdings, Director Lololo Forest Co Ltd & Social Worker