PDP 2015 warned: When the doctor to prescribe medication in a "verbal" or limited improvised recordings, most patients do not feel a dirty trick. But it is, and considerable. Recipe - a protection. If the doctor incorrectly prescribe medications that led, for example, to the development of side effects or deterioration, the patient can seek satisfaction for the higher authorities. Recipe - a guarantee. Medicine issued on prescription form. But the doctor completely (not compact) indicates international name, dosage, and briefly describes the application of the scheme. Recipe - it is confidence. And if the vast majority of Canadian pharmacy mail order drugs can be bought without a prescription, it does not mean that the prescription is not needed. Any pharmacist may at any time refuse to sell antibiotics without a prescription and will be absolutely right. Therefore, the official form - it is a certainty that the remedy will be bought.
Absolutely new approach to politics

Absolutely new approach to politics

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